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LittleFoot the bearded dragon!

I can't be lieve I've never posted any pics of LittleFoot on here yet.  On June 24th as a B-day gift to me I got myself a baby bearded dragon and dubbed the name LittleFoot upon him.  This is him when I first got him, small cute and sweet with just enough spunk to give him a personality.  
About six months later he has grown so much and become a very loving companion.  He has momments of high energy and runs all over my room and cuddle momments where all he wants to di is crawl in my jacket and take a nap.  He is curently 22 inches long and 4 inches at his widest, but he is not done growing!!  Length wise he is close to being finished but still has a bout half way to go width wise. =3  He likes to give and recieve kisses, loves being hand fed and every night gets wrapped up in a blankie made just for him.  
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It is time....

To meet IRENE!

In an earlier post with my Skunk doll, I mentioned a rat doll I was awaiting.  Well this is her!  I've never made a scene at a postoffice before like I did when I found out that the package I picked up was her..especially since when I ordered her all I did was request a dress and color and never saw her progress so had no idea how she was going to look..I could not be any more please with her, the craftsmanship and detail is simply divine!

Irene is a BJD made by the talented TheMushroomPeddler on DA.  She also has an etsy of the same name.  Her dolls are hand sculpted in clay, hand casted, assembled and hand painted!  Her dress was made upon request (being my first BJD and lacking in a lot of knowledge I didn't want a lovely girl sitting on my shelf with no cloths! D=)

I truly love her toothy smile, just that little hint of realistic rat brings out a charm without overdoing it.  She is based off of a Russian Blue Dalmatian ratite, her eye and forehead are spotted and so are so me areas on her body.  I do love her eyes, she came with green eyes but they had the whites around them and I thought it was too human like, so I'm  leaving the dark realistic soul searching abyss dark eyes in her!
                                                                                             IMAGE SPAM!!!         

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Posting for the second time so soon after months of inactivity.  =D  

I've been taking up sculpey and have made my first "proud" moments.

Kitties!  The left are just little figures of a tabby cat and the right is actually an earring set, one face/one butt =D
Clay used-Scupley Tan and Metalic Copper. purple and yellow for color. Dark brown for nose.
Eyes are glass beads-black

Giraffe!!  made from the same clay as the kitties ( I had sooo much of it.)  The "horns" on his head are small balls of clay attached to a straightened staple. Yes..I took needle nose players, ripped out some staples, cut them and then misshaped them XD  his tail is done the same way.  Due to his head position (bent neck) he is really hard to take photos of, shadows everywhere!
Cheeks and ears are blushed pink with eyeshadow.

these were a lot of fun to do and once my funds have returned I need more colors (this stuff is expensive..for the little you get..D=)
Enjoy your week!
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I splurged so bad.

Ok, so I'm a budding OOAK plush/doll collector and I've kinda went overboard the last month.  XD  Since january I've been waiting/paying off for a custom painted BJD rat doll with a custom OOAK dress from MushroomPeddler.  I finally paid it off and am awaiting her from final production.  I am excited.

Another thing I'm excited about is a custom doll from Lisa Toms from DA.  She has these adorable creatures of her own design called Leshkys.  I asked her if she had time to make a Skunk inspired one and she accepted.  About 2 weeks later I'm already getting WIP's for him and OMG.

He's a clay/soft bodied plush (but not stuffed yet) but can you blame me for oooooozing with cuteness overload? His tail stripe is amazing and he's just missing his ears and forepaws.  But I am estatic!!!!!  

Hope you don't mind me sharing, and a little boasting.  
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Writer's Block: Are you afraid of the dark?

It's not all that hard to get a yip/shout/scream from me, but it is less common for me to be actually scared.  I think the last time I actualy was terrified was last year-ish.  Earlier before the scare (a few days) my room's lightbulb went out and owning a pair of rats I didn't want the maintence guys to randomly show up without warning.  That weekend was an easy weekend at college for everyone in the dorm room, so we decided to watch a few  movies.  We watched Alien and the Paranormal Activity, now niether of these really scared me, but when you go into a dark room at night with no light and suddenly you hear little rustling in your room, but you can't see where will get you a bit nervous.  I saw paper on my floor move and a small racket was occuring.  My heart began to race as my eyes tried to adjust from dark to darker, trying to figure out what the flip was going on when all of  sudden I felt someting run across my feet.  With a small shriek I jumped and then looked down only to see one of my rats, Izzy, looking up at me, waiting for attention after escaping her cage. 

That's it really, nothing terrifying just one of those things where a sequence of events can fold out so perfectly.

The Disney store robbed my wallet

Well..I did it again..I went to the disney store.  the purpose was to find a present for my dad..and I did so mission accomplished there.  but we all know how hard it is to resist the plush pile..but what makes my plush pile so awesome?  My disney store is an outlit store..which means..they get all the leftovers from all over the state and they are ALWAYS on sale!

So what was the sale the last two times I went?

In July it was Buy two get one..not so cool unless you know what plush to get!  Here was my get!

Yes....if you are going to buy 3 plush...these be the three!  I found the last ED left so I had to buy the set!  The disney store has been real impressive with plush quality lately, so many amazing embroaderies!

And just this last week it was buy one Get one..so OMG perfect time to get two of the more expensive plush!!  And in the corner of my eye my heart strings were called upon....

I saw these eyes..how do you resist this pair of eyes!!!!?? HOW I ASK YOU HOOOOWWW!!!!????  Whoever designed them to be looking up at you..OMG GENIOUS!

I mean how cute are these two?  Resistance if futile!

Alright I'm done, I hope you all like my disney plush spam post as much as I loved spending money on them =D

new room layout

So in order to make more room in my room and to assist with moving out soon..I decided to pack up a lot of my stuff toys, with some exeptions (more exceptions than boxed XD) and thanks to my friend windz was able to get some plush off the floor.  I'm starting to discover the collector side of me, though I do appriciate Custom work more than official.  I'm starting to think once I complete my main goal (or as close as I can) of owning 1 of each Victini plush toy then I'm going to become a dedicated custom collector.  I've fallen in love with so many people's works that my new goal is going to be to obtain a piece of art from everyones whose work I admire.  Especially this Rat jointed doll..so gorgious and in a decent price range for the quality...OMG.

any who enough blabber..here is my new pride and joy, my victini wall! 

Victinis thus far.  I love this friggin Apple bunny you have no idea.  comming within the next 3 weeks are the Talky plush, the hand puppet and the larger version of the DX chibi (the round on on the very top). After that I know I am missing the MPC from group A the head plush, and the Pika/victini Lotto figure.  The hardest one to obtain as of right now (expense wise) was the Poke center 1:1 Victini, though I did pay less for it then it was going on the community.  So far my favorites are the Pokedoll, I need more..more of these adorable things, my pokedoll is the only one named and his name is Apples  after my in game victini XD and the angery victini its nice to see a not so smily/overly happy plush.

right below the Tinis are the rest of my keepers-mainly pokedolls too cute to put away.  All of my custom toys are out, they have had their own shelf in my room for a while now and of couse Kyo has his own space, It's just way too late and LJ keeps eating my images so those will have to be shown next time.
Alright that is pretty much it, life has been kind of boring otherwise, that or I'm just getting used to it.  I so lazy -.-  sorry to clutter your wall with the AppleTinis

lolz and )'=

After seeing about 4 of these already I am jumping on the choo choo chain train.

This is a "personality" test and they are always fun, here are my results and scary enough there are some very accurate points.


Collapse )
Also I am now a rat short my Little Ash is finnaly able to rest in forever comfort after 1/2 a year of constant meds and difficulty.  As of right now Izzy may not be far behind her.  We are unsure of her condition.  She's been urin/blood tested, with nothing anormal, little to none lung irritation, ears are clear, pretty much an MRI would be the next thing and I had to draw the line there.  So here's hoping she can make it through comfotably a bit longer.

Writer's Block: Love to hate

Who are your favorite television or movie villains? What makes them so deliciously evil?

Even though you are supposed to cheer for the hero, the villians make the show/movie.  I love villians so here are some of my favs.

Scar/Shanzi/Bonzai/Ed-Lion King
Frollo-Hunchback o Notre Dame
Gaston-Beauty & the Beast
Horned King-Black caldron
Yzma-Emporers New Groove

Eboshi Gozen-Princess Mononoke
Akito-Fruits Basket
Humonculi-Full Metal Alchemist
Darcia-Wolf's Rain
Cat King-Cat Returns

Other movies
Darla Dimple-Cats Don't Dance (brilliantly evily awesome!)
Rothbart-Swan Princess
Sir Rubert-Quest for Camelot
The Duke-Rock-A-Doodle-Do
Priest-Road to Eldaraldo
Tai Lung-Kung fu Panda
Ramses-Prince of Eypt

I know I'm missing a lot especially in the anime category, but cant think of them =/  I'll be kicking myself within the hour.


Pin up joys

Along with my new semi bill paying job (totally looking for a replacemnt job after only 2 weeks )=  Sorry but > 6 dollars an hour just aint worth it especially when I came knocking with 3 years expirience. ><  Anyway I  also got a small freelance job plopped in my lap from them (though yet again its for diddly squat)  but may look good in a style portfolio, it's not going in my real portfolio due to reasons below.

They came to me wanting me to make them a pin up for their new menue, I was estatic 'no problem  I love doodling girls and such'.  But what they wanted from me was to basically recreate this one girl for them so she wouldnt be a copyrighted image.  After spending a day or so trying to figure what to do.  I told them I would be comfortable keeping the pose they all loved so much simular but everything else had to change, hair/face/cloths/colors etc.  I figured since they are a family owned center and it was for their personal menu it wouldn't be too damaging.  So that's that and I finished it!  Here it is.  It is soooo very different from what my usual stuff so in that aspect I am proud but I need to go do a cell shade to feel ike myself again XD